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Compiling SCSS

TheMAG is built with SCSS and use the Gulp task runner to do all things you need to compile/recompile the theme styles. With this setup, you can easily override theme colors, components, etc.


  1. Install the required packages for compiling the style, use your terminal and run npm install or yarn install from the sub-theme directory: /themes/themag_st.
  2. Run the gulp command to watch for changes in the _src/scss directory and to compile SCSS files.
  3. If you'd like to override TheMAG style or components, please follow the instructions from the subtheme.scss file.

Overriding themag/global-styling library

If you override the entire theme style, it is a good idea to override themag/global-styling library to prevent CSS duplication. To do that, in the subtheme *.info.yml file ( uncomment the following lines:

assets/css/themag.css: false