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Install EM on Thunder

  1. Unzip the INSTALLATION/ to your development environment.
  2. The package provides a ready-made composer.json file which will install all you need to kicks-start your composer-managed Thunder site. Run the composer install command from inside "em-thunder-project" directory.
cd em-drupal-project

composer install

Note that thunder-project installs Drupal itself in the "docroot" directory (em-thunder-project/docroot). Consider that on a production environment you have to configure your domain to point in that directory.

  1. Use Drush and install the site form configuration. Run drush site:install from inside docroot directory:
cd docroot

../bin/drush site:install thunder \
--existing-config \
--db-url=mysql://db_user:db_password@localhost/db_name \
--account-name=demo \
--account-pass=demo \ \

Change db_user, db_pass and db_name with your database info. The --account-name is your Drupal username and the --account-pass your Drupal password. The last line "thunder_module_configure_form.install_modules_thunder_demo=NULL" tells the installer to not install Thunder demo content so you can install the EM Demo content later on.

  1. If you'd like to start with a demo content, enable the EM Thunder Demo module:
../bin/drush en -y em_thunder_demo

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